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Knight Bamboo Bath Mat

Knight Bamboo Bath Mat

  • Bamboo Material: KNIGHT's Bamboo Floor mat is crafted from premium, eco-friendly bamboo, offering a durable Sturdy, and Stylish solution for your needs. Its natural finish complements any home decor. 
  • Sturdy and Hygienic: Made with sustainability in mind, the bamboo material ensures the mat is not only environmentally friendly but also highly Sturdy and Hygienic. Resistant to moisture and mildew, it's built to last in damp bathroom environments. 
  • Non-Slip Mat: This bamboo floor mat is the best solution to provide a non-slip surface in your bathroom, making your bathroom safer when carrying items and comfortable on the feet. 
  • Natural Colour Aesthetic: The natural bamboo finish of our bamboo floor mat sets complements any interior design, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication. Its neutral design fits seamlessly with various interior styles. 
  • Specifications: The bamboo single floor mat with dimensions of 50 x 80 cm which is an ideal size and shape for any room in the house including the kitchen and bathroom.
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