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703025-night Canvas Portable Single Free Standing Wardrobe(Black)

703025-night Canvas Portable Single Free Standing Wardrobe(Black)

Knight Canvas Portable Single Free Standing Wardrobe Shelving Clothes Storage with Hanging Rail and Cubic Drawer (1pc Included) - L 88cm x W 45cm x H 170cm - Black

  • About This Item

    • ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Knight Double Canvas Clothes Storage is beautifully designed to organise your belonging. This portable, handy wardrobe is divided into sections which include shelves, hanger sections and comes with drawer to give easy access to your daily accessories. Ideally designed for guest rooms, rented accommodation, university accommodation, caravans or holiday homes. 
    • This KNIGHT Canvas Clothes Storage includes clear instructions and can be easily setup within just a matter of minutes. All parts simply assemble together - NO TOOLS REQUIRED. 
    • HIGH QUALITY: This premium Canvas wardrobe is crafted with a strong metal frame and durable non-woven fabric on each Shelves. Along with stylish non-woven fabric canvas effect cover and high-quality zipper. Specially designed to keep your clothes away from dust and water. 
    • Length 88cm | Width 45cm | Height 170cm
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