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922792-Knight 25PK Fortune Plastic Hangers(Black)

922792-Knight 25PK Fortune Plastic Hangers(Black)

Knight 25 x Black Coat Hangers - Adult Trouser Hanger | Plastic Durable and Non-Slip Heavy Duty Hangers | Wardrobe Clothes Hanger | Scarf, Shirt, Suits, Pants, Tops Hanger | Space Saving

  • About This Item

    • Black COAT HANGERS. Our hangers for clothes feature reinforced plastic edges that add durability when you hang standard clothing like shirts, dresses, pants, and much more. They are flexible and ideal for lightweight clothes. But can also be used as a coat hanger 
    • Made of strong and durable plastic that will last for years. Strongly plastic adult hangers are plastic and yes, can hold up like the coat and jeans also all of the children's clothes. 
    • These are the best value organization equipment to make your life more simple and easier. They feature a multi-colored clean design that does not stain or the material is eco-friendly. Unlike other kids hangers, our Children's hangers do not have burrs or flash 
    •  Our hangers are made of plastic and measure approximately 45cm x 45cm, making them ideal for adult-sized clothing. The smooth finish allows for snag-free hanging and removal, and the space-saving design measures 0.6cm thick. 
    • Whether your closet is big or small, our hangers provide better organization for your room furniture. They make your closet tidier and act like space-saving tools so you don’t get a mess in your space.
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