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922815-Knight 25PK Supreme Plastic Hangers(Black)

922815-Knight 25PK Supreme Plastic Hangers(Black)

Knight 25PK Supreme Plastic Hangers(Black), Adult Plastic Coat Hangers Clothes with Suit Trouser Bar and Lips.

  • About This Item

    • STRONG HANGER – These plastic hangers are durable and heavy duty when you hang standard clothing like shirts, dresses, pants, jackets, jumpers and much more. They are good standard size and ideal for both lightweight and heavy clothing, however, very heavy jackets or coats are not recommended for these types of hangers. 
    • FOR EVERYDAY USE – With a smooth and slim design these are the best value hangers in the market. They will save you space in your wardrobe. They have two integrated hooks at two sides making slippery clothes and other accessories easier to hang and hold. 
    • DIMENSIONS – Size in CM: 39cm(w), 19cm(h), 0.7cm(d). which are excellent for adult size clothing. They’re rounded and each hanger features convenient hooks so you can hang suit ties and small accessories 
    • SLEEK FINISH: Very smooth, made of eco-friendly plastic that do not have any sharp edges to causes unwanted creases or leave marks in the shoulders of your clothes. Therefore, perfect for delicate garments.
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