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920895-Knight Velvet Hangers(Purple)

920895-Knight Velvet Hangers(Purple)

Knight Velvet Hangers, Coat Hangers with Tie Organiser, Ultra Thin Space Saving 360 Degree Rotary Swivel Hook, Hangers Adult for Men & Women Hold Trouser, Jacket (Purple, 40)

  • About This Item

    • When handled, Knight velvet hangers have a smooth feeling; they are manufactured of superior quality slip resistance Velvet flocking. 360-degree swivel, glossy chrome hooks, notched shoulders for convenient clothing hanging, extra function for hanging ties, and so on. 
    • Used to hang coats, jackets, jeans, skirts, shirts, and shorts to keep them from getting wrinkled and damaged. It may also be used as a necklace organizer, earrings organizer, or any other accessory organizer; these hangers are slender and hold garments effectively. 
    • Specially made of soft texture that gives extra grip to your delicate clothes such as camisoles and tanks. Also sturdy, yet lightweight, with maximum weight capacity of up to 10 pounds perfect for hanging heavier garments such as winter clothes and coats; it can hold both heavy and light items. 
    • This flocking hangers improves friction and prevents your garments from slamming into each other. Features a horizontal bar coated in lush velvet that holds and avoids creases and slips from your delicate items. It extends the life of your clothes, preventing them from becoming worn out quickly. 
    • Ultra slim, provides up to 50% extra closet space, saving you a lot of space in your wardrobe. Weight: 70 Grams (WxHxD) - Product Dimensions: 44cm X 24cm X 0.5cm (WxHxD). 


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