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695696-Knight 16” Lava Lamp

695696-Knight 16” Lava Lamp

Knight Lava Lamp 16” - Retro Lava Lamp - Beautiful Liquid Wax Lamp - Night Light for Home Office Décor - Electrically Operated - Great Gift for Kids & Adults - Relaxing Lava Lamp (Blue/Red)

  • About This Item

    • RETRO ROCKET DESIGN: 16-inch lava lamp comes with an elegant retro look. Putting it anywhere will give you a sense of fashion. It adds a touch of style to any room. Watch as the wax is heated and floats around the liquid creating a calming effect that will keep you entertained for hours at a time. 
    • COLOURS & DESIGNS: This is an EPISENT Size 16’’ Lava Lamp available in Nine colours. This Stylish Retro Rocket Design with different colours is a pleasant decorative light. Glass lamp to provide soft relaxing light. Retro rocket design. Lava heats up and floats. 
    • UNIQUE DECORATION LAMP: The big lava lamp is a necessary decoration for the office and the home, because its slowly changing, endless effects will make people produce a realm of daydreaming. 
    • RELAXING & SOOTHING MOOD LIGHT: These Lava Lamps have Coloured liquid wax inside. Melted wax gradually flows around the lamp to form a relaxing and peaceful ambient mood light. Soothing and calming, coloured liquid and free flowing melted wax - looks absolutely stunning. 
    • GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT: Lava lamps is a great gift for Mother's Day, birthday, Wedding anniversary, Halloween, Christmas. Can be used as a night light decoration for kids, practical and warm infinite.
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